About us

SafeCast is the trading name for this UK limited company which we co-founded in 2013. This was in anticipation of the grant of the SafeCast patent. SafeCast is a means of ensuring that inappropriate advertisements are not shown to children or vulnerable people. As we developed the technology we found that our invention could also be used outside of the patent’s claims to filter all video content free of charge.  This discovery enabled us to explore in detail how our invention could be used for universal child protection purposes rather than just in the advertising industry.

We have consulted widely with children’s advocates, children’s charities, mental health and welfare agencies, government departments and regulators, police and teachers as well as with the broadcasters, advertisers and social media companies in the UK and in the USA. Through our extensive research and our published evidence to the UK Government and the European Commission we established that the internet does not have a universal means by which content can be safely filtered away from children who might otherwise have been harmed by it. Whilst there are a variety of proprietary apps, parental controls and Age Verification Services which can be used by parents to protect their children to a limited extent,  the regulatory patchwork of national legislation means that there is currently no overarching means of protecting children without censorship. SafeCast’s universal labelling system with its automatic filtering provides this.

We are Alistair Kelman,  the CEO of Safecast, and Diana Kelman, the Project Director of SafeCast. SafeCast’s Non-Executive Director is Henning von Spreckelsen. SafeCast has also set up SafeCast Global which is an Anglo-Australian initiative that is managed by us and Giulio Giampellegrini, who is SafeCast Global’s integrated marketing communication specialist based in Australia. 

SafeCast® is the registered trademark of SafeCast Limited

Company Number: 08456273
Registered Office: Duke House Business Hub, Duke Street, Skipton BD23 2HQ UNITED KINGDOM