The Seven HeadCodes

The SafeCast Headcode system replicates the TV watershed where all video falls into seven classes. As a child’s school-age increases more content will become available to them. When they become an adult they are able to see content which has a SafeCast Headcode of 5. There is a classification above this, SafeCast Headcode 6, for video materials which can never be broadcast on tv or the internet but which needs to be classified and filtered away. SafeCast Headcode 6 is for content such as execution videos, terrorist atrocities. Content within the SafeCast Headcode 6 classification enables witnesses and journalists to report these materials to the police and security forces, and allows coroners in inquest proceedings and judges to make orders regarding video evidence which needs to be seen by juries and journalists but is not suitable for public circulation.

The UK television watershed system was set up as a graduated system across an evening’s viewing to  mirror and support family life. Contemporary research from the UK telecommunications regulator, Ofcom, has shown that the television watershed system has in excess of 74% support from parents, teachers, politicians, academics, and children.